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On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 5:57 PM, Anna Biller <>wrote:

> I really don't see a "wholesale dismissal" of video in any way. Video has
> been steadily on the ascendant and film on the decline for many years now.
> If you're asking me personally if I would stop making movies if film were no
> longer available, I can't really say. But I do know for certain that the
> ideas I pursued with video would be entirely different, because I would want
> to work with the medium instead of against it. There is a real possibility
> that I would stop making movies, perhaps in favor of some other art form.
> But I don't think that if someone likes working in a particular medium that
> means they are disparaging another medium. I certainly don't think I'm doing
> that. But I am going to continue to insist that the differences are great
> and important, not just to me, but objectively.

I'm in a similar boat to Anna.... if Kodak were to disappear or transform
sans 16mm, then it would be ORWO or maybe Fuji, as long as they could be
had. And if there is nothing from Germany and Japan (or India), then its
likely I would pour myself back into 6x7 photography which I started up
again recently.

My initial interest in 16mm was a move away from video (pre-DV: VHS, Hi8)
and 35mm photography. Once engaged, I liked the process of working with
16mm, the continuity I found with past generations (makers, technicians),
and the ability and charm of using older equipment (in my case, 1970s to
early 1990s).


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