Re: [Frameworks] Facebook could be the death of this list

From: D Dawson <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 20:20:48 -0500

Yeah, I don't see the reason in switching honestly. Sure someone can go
start up something new, and tell all of us about it in a posting.

The reality is no one is actually going to "pull the plug" on this... So it
will still be around. If people keep using it, it will still be around, if
people migrate, than, well, that is what happens in evolution.

I would suggest if anyone wants to start something new, please do, please
have it up and running and let us know. Please call it something other
than Frameworks, so as not to confuse anyone.

I have an email account - which lets me read these emails, I have a vimeo
account which lets me link to videos, I don't have a facebook account, so
count me out of that group.


On 6/13/11 6:39 PM, "Jim Flannery" <> wrote:

> Monday, June 13, 2011, 4:00:32 PM, one wrote:
>> my two cents - I just wish there was a way to get daily updates of
>> frameworks instead of receiving every single email.
> It's called "Digest mode". There's a link to the form where you edit
> that option at the bottom of every email you receive (repeated here for
> clarity:
> ).
> I should be clear about my own position: my previous mails were in
> response to the idea of sharing *work* on FB. I am indifferent to the
> concept of having a FB *page* to "Like" (I wonder how liking it would
> affect the ads my "friends" see, but I use Adblock so it doesn't really
> concern me). I think it's a lousy idea for a replacement for the
> listserv based on experience: a listserv I was on that was active
> (equally or more than the current state of Frameworks) for 18 years
> transitioned to FB last year; that "group" has had six posts since that
> date.
> The "death" of a web discussion forum that this subthread's subject line
> refers to is not, I think, a matter of that forum _per se_ migrating, as
> that the logging-in reflex of its members has been diverted; for FB or
> any other forum *you have to go there*; an listserv *comes to you*, so
> is less likely to have FB take away eyeballs (assuming you open your
> email program). The threat is that it *can* take away *posts*, that when
> somebody wants to say something, they originate the discussion on FB
> instead of the list.
> Limitations on message length (both programmatically-enforced and
> cultural) also tend to add a level of dumbing-down of message; the quip
> replaces the argument.

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