Re: [Frameworks] Avant-garde film, Facebook, and the nature of attention

From: matt's frameworks address <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 17:55:49 -0700

responding to Fred's question below, 'Nostalgia for the Light' and 'Let Each
One Go Where He May' do not have anything close to paid actors, and possibly
only Meek's Cutoff has such actors. All of the films, however, certainly
demand a great deal of attention and patience from their audience.

'slow and boring' is a direct reference to an AO Scott article posted in the
NY Times just a few days ago (which i happened upon via Facebook,
actually). I do not consider any of these films boring.

> "I would question whether the films on the list Matt just posted have
> much in common with the films I listed. For one thing, none of mine
> are "slow," and none are, in my opinion, "boring" either. They also do
> not have paid actors walking around and reciting lines from a script
> in lip sync."


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