Re: [Frameworks] Facebook

From: Fred Camper <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 18:12:52 -0500

If you use a robust email program, like, say, Thunderbird, and take a
few minutes to learn how to use it, navigating FrameWorks threads is
no problem. Furthermore, there *is* a Web site with all of them that
can be read by thread or by date.

WHAT is the problem??? I hate the idea that plain text emails are
"old" technology and Facebook is more "up to date." Yikes. The
evolution of the Internet has been, to put it bluntly, towards
assuming that the user is stupider and stupider, providing simpler and
simpler interfaces while asking the user to give up more and more
control of the presentation and use of her or his work, and Facebook
is a prime example of this. If you want to put something on the Web,
you can learn a little html and/or get some Web page software, buy
your own domain name, and start your own site, and be the sole owner
of your work without having to contribute to the bottom line of
Facebook or whatever, and without having ads next to your work, unless
you choose to have ads. This is what I did eleven years ago ( ) Doing this makes it unnecessary to use
Facebook much.

WHY are we having so much discussion about Facebook, when Pip has said
nothing about it? Well, I'm not helping the situation, I admit...

Anyone can start a Facebook page and post the link to this list. If
many FrameWorks denizens want to share their videos on Facebook, also
allowing Facebook unlimited use of them, then one of them should start
a Facebook page or group or whatever and post the link here. I have no
objection to that, of course. The Web should be about doing what you
want. But even some of us who are Facebook members, as I am, want as
little to do with Facebook as possible.

Fred Camper

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