[Frameworks] Flexfest 2011 presented by Roger Beebe - DL screening

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr <klaus_at_richfilm.de>
Date: Thu, 26 May 2011 00:36:40 +0200

Directors Lounge Screening

presented by Roger W. Beebe, artistic director of Flexfest
Thursday, 26 May 2011, 21:00
Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

FLEX: the Florida Experimental Film and Video
Festival presents a program of highlights from
their 2011 biennial competitive festival. FLEX
is interested in an expansive notion of
experimental media. "Work may draw on
documentary, animation, avant-garde, underground,
or other traditions--or no traditions at all." As
such the programming comprises a variety of
mediums from 16mm direct animation to found video
and from laconic place studies to experimental
love poems.
Since its start in 2004, Flexfest has become one
of the most important festivals for experimental
media in USA, challenging us to rethink what
'experimental' means. Roger Beebe, who is the
artistic director of Flexfest and who is
currently teaching a 5 week workshop at
LaborBerlin, will present the program. He was
already a guest at Directors Lounge in 2009
(Link). Roger W. Beebe will be available for Q&A.

The Florida Experimental Film/Video Festival
presents both year-round programming and an
annual festival (FLEXfest) in Gainesville,
Florida. Showcasing a broad range of
experimental media, FLEXfest alternates a
biennial competitive festival with a biennial
curated event. Past FLEX guests have included
Craig Baldwin, Jim Trainor, Helga Fanderl,
Deborah Stratman, Ben Russell, Robert Todd,
Leighton Pierce, Naomi Uman, Bill Brown, Scott
Stark, Jacqueline Goss, Johan Grimonprez, Vanessa
Renwick, and many others.

Hadley Grass, Zach Iannazzi (3:00, Video, 2009/San Francisco, USA)
Utopia, Part 3:The World's Biggest Shopping Mall, Sam Green (13:09/HD/2009/USA)
Iron-Wood, Richard Tuohy (7:00/16mm/2009/Australia)
The Voyagers, Penny Lane (16:30/DV/Jun. 2010/USA)
Horizon Line, Katherin McInnis (1:00/HDV/USA)
Somewhere Only We Know, Jesse McLean (5:15/Video/2009/USA)
Tusslemuscle, Steve Cossman (5:00/16mm/Nov. 2009/USA)
Portrait #2: Trojan, Vanessa Renwick (5:00/35MM TO VIDEO/2006)
White House, Georg Koszulinski (8:00/DV/2009/USA)
Day/Night (Devil's Milhopper), Andres E. Arocha (4:56/16mm/Apr. 2009/USA)
28.IV.81(Bedouin Sparks), Christopher Harris (2:49/16mm/Jan. 2009/USA)


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