Re: [Frameworks] combining SD and HD

From: David Tetzlaff <>
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2011 11:27:44 -0400


Good suggestion on the WD media player!!

But you got this backwards:

> If you convert DV footage (that has already been captured) from the native
> DV codec 640x480 (the DV pixel dimension stretches this image back into
> 720x480 everytime it plays back)

DV is captured in 720x480. The pixels are rectangular, not square, so the image is native 4:3. When this is displayed on a computer screen, which has square pixels, the display software squeezes the image into 640x480 so it does not appear anamorphic. But the data files, all your render files, output, etc. remain 720x480.

An image up-rezed from SD to HD in software (or going through the upconverter in a DVD player with HDMI out to 720P or 1080I) should look (somewhat) sharper than the original because the scaler interpolates the intermediate pixels using fairly sophisticated algorithms (though you can set it to just double lines if you want to for some reason).

Also, in my experience ProRes HQ is overkill compared to just plain ProRes. I have never been able to see a difference between them, and thus HQ just seems more a waste of hard drive space. Of course, YMMV.
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