Re: [Frameworks] re-filming off a screen

From: Steven Gladstone <>
Date: Mon, 16 May 2011 22:11:23 -0400

On 5/16/11 6:34 PM, Letitia Calin wrote:
> Hello Frameworkers!
> Has anyone attempted this before? I would like to try transferring
> digital film unto 16mm - DIY style. I am shooting on 16mm, transferring
> it unto digital in order to edit it and then I would like to get it back
> onto film.

My suggestion is to get hold of the Arri 35 book by Jon Fauer.

Somewhere in there he discusses how to shoot off a TV monitor. It is a
great primer.

That said, shooting off of an LCD monitor as opposed to a CRT (Tube TV
or computer monitor) can make life easier. A short test will always be

You also might give Du Art a call, I believe they had a "film Chain" set
up for lower cost transfers from Video to Film.

Hope this helps.
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