Re: [Frameworks] MFA experimental/alternative programs

From: Tony Conrad <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 16:28:05 -0400

NOW you're talking.

My "Media Study" department at University of Buffalo has integrated "media" with
robotics, VR, games, documentary, film studies (including PhD), locative media,
digital poetics, and of course video (which I teach). Because we are still
relatively small, these initiatives have eaten into our LONG tradition of work
with experimental film (remember--Sharits, Frampton, Weibel and I have all been
regular faculty here)-- but we remain very supportive of
"experimental/independent" filmmakers.

UB, incidentally, is huge; it has a law school, medical school; you name it.
Media Study is located in a large Center for the Arts building, along with a
Visual Studies (i.e. "art") Department and a Theatre and Dance Department, and we
work closely with Music and academic departments (English, Comp Lit) that deal
with critical studies. You will also feel at home here if you're into social or
identity issues. The MFA program is intimate enough (we only accept about 15
people a year) to see a lot of interactivity and mutual support, but big enough
to have people developing work in radically different directions.

Incidentally, rust-belt Buffalo offers cheap in-state tuition, inexpensive cost
of living, and low rents. (I'm buying a studio building for myself next week for
62k--- 6,000 sq ft, brick, with 2 apartments and an office!) The Department of
Media Study is in start-up for a PhD based on a thesis and a media project. We
have international exchanges, of course, and a local media community that is
always busy and engaged with us (Squeaky Wheel, Big Orbit and Soundlab,
Hallwalls, CEPA, Sugar City, Albright-Knox museum, Burchfield-Penney museum).
JetBlue from/to NYC is good and cheap, and Toronto is 90 minutes away by car.


On Mon 06/20/11 2:47 PM , "matt's frameworks address" sent:
> hey all,
> thanks for the great feedback.  i am not so much looking for a place
> to get a MFA, but to map out the various programs that are out there,
> big or small, cheap or expensive, US or abroad, that have strong
> traditions in experimental film.
> i am also very interested in newer hybrid programs, that have roots
> in experimental film but are also incorporating other fields of
> desicplin such as documentary, new-media, etc.  I am finding these
> programs difficult to research- as someone noted earlier it is as much
> about the teachers and advisers in the program as it is what's
> advertised by the institution.
> thanks again for the great feedback!
> -matt
> On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 11:11 AM, Allen Riley wrote:
> You could get an MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts at the New York
> State College of Ceramics. 
> On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 2:06 PM, Tara Nelson wrote:
> I got my MFA in film/video from the Massachusetts College of Art.
>  It is a small program with deep roots in avant garde filmmaking.
>  It is also the first public art school in the country, so it is more
> affordable than private schools.  And Boston is a good place to be if
> you are interested in an East Coast experience but don't want to
> live in New York.  I recommend MassArt.
> tara nelson
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