[Frameworks] Tonight in NYC, the historic "Mr. FixIt" & "Mother of God" a recent video with Taylor Mead

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*MON JUNE 20, 7PM*
*TWO MOVIES by Anton Perich*
*Mr. FixIt*, starring Sami Melange, Susan Blond, Danny Fields, and
*Mother of God*, starring Taylor Mead, Andrea Langdon, & Agathe Legrand
Microscope Gallery, 4 Charles Place (Bushwick)
*Admission $6 – Artist in person*

Anton Perich presents two works ncluding the groundbreaking *Mr. Fixit,* made
in 1973, and the world premiere of *Mother of God*, starring the legendary
actor, poet, and Warhol Superstar Taylor Mead. *Mr. Fixit *aired on cable
access TV in 1973 and revolutionized television by presenting underground
performers and nudity for the first time, resulting in great outrage and
immediate and unprecedented censorship.

*Mother of God*, is Perich’s latest fiction work featuring Mead, with whom
Perich has collaborated since the 70s and also featured in many of his early
cable access TV programs. The video deals with familial and generational
relationships, centering around a manipulative granddaughter trying to
extort a million dollars from her grandmother/grandfather in order to
support two boyfriends.


*Mr. Fixit*
Starring: Sami Melange, Susan Blond, Danny Fields, Tinkerbell
*1973, video, b/w, sound, 37 minutes*

“I think I heard about Public Access in the first week of January in 1973. I
had my first show a week later. It was a mild sex comedy about a husband and
wife trying separately to seduce a young English TV repairman. It was
censored immediately, with a blank screen and muzak. There was nothing
pornographic about it. But it was an absolutely new type of content on TV, a
naked guy and a topless woman in the American living room, and that was
pornographic. The power of challenging the dinosaur media was intoxicating.
It triggered an earthquake from coast to coast. I realized this incredible
power I gained by touching the taboos of the television. No one did it
before me. I broke the ice. Look at TV today. I made a revolution with $10
worth of video tape. It was like Youtube of the dark ages.”- Anton Perich

“Poete Maudit of video” *PEOPLE Magazine*.

“Through the efforts of video artist Anton Perich and his cast of stars,
underground situation comedy has come to television….It will certainly go
down in the annals of television’s firsts.” *Village Voice*

“Perich was an early cable pioneer…had every hang-up hanging out, along with
nudity and blue language long before they became fashionable and legit.” *New
York Magazine*

“From the corporate strata at Time word was getting around of the Tabasco
that was being sprinkled on the bland television menu by a hitherto obscure
avant-garde film-maker called Anton Perich.” *New York Times*

Starring: Taylor Mead, Andrea Langdon, Agathe Legrand
*2009, digital video,col, sound, 44 minutes*

Andrea is roaming NY streets pregnant. Pulling her suitcase. Looking for the
rich grandfather/grandmother, not sure. She finds him/her at Lucien. He/her
is Taylor Mead, who happens to be an aging Sarah Jessica Parker.
Granddaughter is asking for one million dollars and support for her 2
boyfriends. Instead, she gets a lesson in belly dancing from
grandpa/grandma, and his/her poem about being raped by Arnold
Schwartzenegger in Brooklyn.

*TRT: approx. 1 hour 20 minute*

more info: www.microscopegallery.com

J/M/Z - Myrtle/Broadway Ave (nearest station)

L - Morgan Ave or Jefferson Street (this is over 1/2 mile walk)

TEL: 347.925.1433

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