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I don't think anyone's mentioned the great scene in William Castle's The Tingler when the eponymous creature gets loose in a movie theater (during an improbably well attended screening of the silent film Tol'able David, if memory serves). The tingler eventually finds its (his?) way to the projection booth where it causes the film to run off the rails. The audience is then treated to a stretch of black leader for a while (longer than it seems possible) and we're exhorted to "Scream! Scream for your lives!" Good stuff.


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MEDIUM COOL has several instances where there are reflexive references to the camera, the camera operator, the film, the material of film, etc. I'm not sure if these examples are as intrusive into the fictional world as you might want.


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Could you please tell me in which films (mostly non-experimental, but experimental is also ok) we can observe the film's rupture and the involving of film (as material) into the fictional world (just like in Bergman's Persona & Peter Tscherkassky's Outer Space)? The examples with the premeditated and non-accidental scrathes are also worth a lot.
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