[Frameworks] Sound from Projectors

From: mike rice (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 23 2011 - 16:49:56 PST

Hello fello Frameworkers:

I am currently in the midst of my thesis project. It is an experimental
film, employing multiple projections (both 16 and Super 8, optical printing,
painting on film, etc etc) and I am attempting something a bit unorthodox as
far as the sound goes and I was wondering if any of you would have input...

For mostly conceptual reasons, I want the sound in the film to be the actual
sound coming from the projector itself (while my film is playing through).
As is, my film is double perf so I will be getting an inter-neg made and a
final print (single perf) so that you do not hear the "clickclickclick" of
each sprocket hole. So here is my question: I intend on running several
guitar distortion pedals from the project to the amplifier of the theater. I
will be slightly adjusting the tone of the pedals while the film is running.
Has anyone done this before? have advice on the best way to get "funky"
sounds out of the projector....

I know this is a pretty broad question, but I just wanted people to share
their stories (if you have any) about using the sound of the projector
itself (the slight hissing noise) as a soundtrack.

best, Mike Rice

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