Re: [Frameworks] Experimental Trailers

From: Amanda Christie (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 18 2011 - 05:39:39 PST

I actually made a little trailer for my latest film... but I've been
hestitant about jumping in on this thread, because i have mixed
feelings about it...

I made the little trailer as a sort of "marketing" tool, and i felt
pretty dirty about that. basically, the film project (the one with
the car crash and the wild animals) is $5000 over budget, so someone
suggested i try fundraising on a crowd source funding website -- the
website insists that preview videos and "trailers" increase the
likelihood of contributions... so i put together a video slideshow of
still images from my location scouting for the project and some text.
none of the images or text will be in the final film.

i have mixed feelings about that whole thing (both the fundraising as
well and the mini-trailer).
i don't think i'll do something like this again -- it was an attempt
to get the money needed to finish the film.
if your're curious the trailer and site are here:

on another but related note... i just got an email from ian campbell
out in saskatchewan who said that my live streaming of the editing
process is like the antithesis to marketting (and i'm actually kind of
thrilled about that!) he wrote:

"I find your videos like the antithesis of Entertainment Tonight style
behind the scenes interview/adverts. Those ET things
tell us the movie is coming, the stars that will be in them. Your
videos tell us a movie is coming, but we have no
idea what it will be like!"

as i edit the film using a 35mm intercine, i am streaming live video
footage of the editing process. i'm the filmmaker in residence at the
atlantic filmmakers co-op and i'm supposed to be publicly accessible,
so this presents the analog editing process to people who would not
otherwise see it. but it's pretty boring to watch, as i haven't
framed the screen in the shots... just the plates and me, sitting
there watching something that the viewer can't see.

i am much more interested in the live streaming than the trailer... (i
recorded a few segments so if i'm not in the editing suite, it loops
footage of previous sessions) you can view it here:


On 15-Feb-11, at 8:34 AM, graeme hogg wrote:

> Do people know of any examples of experimental trailers, ie trailers
> for experimental films. Trailers are typically a marketing tool used
> to help pre-sell commercial features, I know but they are a 'form'
> nevertheless and I wondered if anyone had explored them on this basis?
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