Re: [Frameworks] The Russian LOMO Tank Light Leak.

From: Veronica Ibarra (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 14 2010 - 21:54:58 PDT

When I was taught to use the Lomo tank they told me to put Blue Tack in the hole you mentioned as it might light leak. I use it all the time with the blue Tack and had no problems. Try that. Veronica ________________________________ De: ben russell <email suppressed> Para: email suppressed Enviado: vie,15 octubre, 2010 04:49 Asunto: Re: [Frameworks] The Russian LOMO Tank Light Leak. Frameworkers, Thanks for the response - Nicky Hamlyn clued me in to a possible source to the strange solarization that was happening; seems like the clearing bath might have been spent before its time... Yes, BR

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