Re: [Frameworks] UbuWeb...HACKED!

From: Beverly O'Neill (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 14 2010 - 21:41:26 PDT

Dear Frameworkers,
UBU always sparks livelihood anxieties in me, not for my generation which has been around for 45 years of filmmaking, but for those who are beginning to make work or struggling with mid-career anxieties. The scarcity of venues, grants, awards, faculty positions, -- well, everyone here knows what goes on that list. UBU plays a very minor role, yeah/nay, in that equation. Just trying to think of ways to rekindle some of the spirit we all felt when Canyon and Anthology began. It would be wonderful if we could (Frameworkers, co-ops, Anthology whatever) if we could revive the Maya Deren lifetime achievement award and present it annually to several media makers. Suppose the co-op, I'm thinking of Canyon because I know them, set up a way to digitize work and took a % from the sales of DVDs. Could we broaden our focus and support for emerging exhibition groups by watching previews on-line (via Youtube/whatever) of new pieces, and offer critical feedback. The diversity of experiences and knowledge represented on this list has the capacity to imagine and realize some viable options that would enrich the culture younger artists work in. Frameworks serves an invaluable role in this new era. Using new tools what else can we do.
All props to this list.
Beverly O'


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