Re: [Frameworks] Avantgarde / "auteur" television - ?

From: David Tetzlaff (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Aug 14 2010 - 07:35:23 PDT

> The idea is to present programmes made for television (i.e. "inside
> the system") by creative/critical minds in various genres within the
> broad category of "non-fiction".

Er, ummm..... "Seventeen' by Joel Demott and Jeff Kreines....

All of Fred Wiseman's stuff was made for TV. Definitely autuerist and
kinda avant-garde in it's own way -- especially 'Titicut Follies.'

And if you triangulate 'non-fiction' 'autuer' and 'television' you
have to consider Errol Morris' 'First Person' and the two Michael
Moore TV series: 'TV Nation' and 'The Awful Truth'.

'The Amish and Us' was made for US Public TV, but with the specific
intention of being as Chris-Marker-like as possible. There's a clip on
YouTube of a section that's a direct homage/theft to/from Marker.
(You have to watch the whole clip to get it.)
I'm the co-director, so if you're interested in seeing the whole film,
let me know.

A few MTV videos were composed of actuality footage, offering another
'creative' take on non-fiction. The one that comes to mind is Bruce
Springsteen's 'Atlantic City,' but also check Jem Cohen's stuff for

And I must note that all television is not 'inside the system,' There
is, in the U.S. a history of counter-television made by outsiders, and
presented on public access and sometimes on PBS.

First you MUST MUST MUST check out TVTV (Top Value Television) "Four
More Years' and 'Lord of the Universe'. Essential. Some of the TVTV
folks were later involved in the PBS series 'the 90s' which is also
chock full of cool stuff, and was more 'inside the system' in terms of

I also suggest you plunge into the vast Paper Tiger Tiger TV / Deep
Dish TV corpus. I suggest 'Joan Does Dynasty' with Joan Braderman [
], 'Born to be Sold' with Martha Rossler [
], and 'PTTV: From Woodstock to Tiananmen Square: Ted Koppel's Long
March' with 'Dan Rabbit (John Walden) [
] - all of which have more 'avant-garde-ish' elements than other Paper
Tiger programs.

There's also the Termite TV Collective in Philadephia:
, Matt McDaniel's 'Media Killer' videos [
], and 'Copwatch' by Guerilla News Network. [

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