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Date: Sat Aug 14 2010 - 08:34:34 PDT

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On Aug 14, 2010, at 10:35 AM, David Tetzlaff <email suppressed> wrote:

>> The idea is to present programmes made for television (i.e. "inside
>> the system") by creative/critical minds in various genres within the
>> broad category of "non-fiction".
> Er, ummm..... "Seventeen' by Joel Demott and Jeff Kreines....
> All of Fred Wiseman's stuff was made for TV. Definitely autuerist and
> kinda avant-garde in it's own way -- especially 'Titicut Follies.'
> And if you triangulate 'non-fiction' 'autuer' and 'television' you
> have to consider Errol Morris' 'First Person' and the two Michael
> Moore TV series: 'TV Nation' and 'The Awful Truth'.
> 'The Amish and Us' was made for US Public TV, but with the specific
> intention of being as Chris-Marker-like as possible. There's a clip on
> YouTube of a section that's a direct homage/theft to/from Marker.
> (You have to watch the whole clip to get it.)
> I'm the co-director, so if you're interested in seeing the whole film,
> let me know.
> A few MTV videos were composed of actuality footage, offering another
> 'creative' take on non-fiction. The one that comes to mind is Bruce
> Springsteen's 'Atlantic City,' but also check Jem Cohen's stuff for
> Fugazi.
> And I must note that all television is not 'inside the system,' There
> is, in the U.S. a history of counter-television made by outsiders, and
> presented on public access and sometimes on PBS.
> First you MUST MUST MUST check out TVTV (Top Value Television) "Four
> More Years' and 'Lord of the Universe'. Essential. Some of the TVTV
> folks were later involved in the PBS series 'the 90s' which is also
> chock full of cool stuff, and was more 'inside the system' in terms of
> funding.
> I also suggest you plunge into the vast Paper Tiger Tiger TV / Deep
> Dish TV corpus. I suggest 'Joan Does Dynasty' with Joan Braderman [
> ], 'Born to be Sold' with Martha Rossler [
> ], and 'PTTV: From Woodstock to Tiananmen Square: Ted Koppel's Long
> March' with 'Dan Rabbit (John Walden) [
> ] - all of which have more 'avant-garde-ish' elements than other Paper
> Tiger programs.
> There's also the Termite TV Collective in Philadephia:
> , Matt McDaniel's 'Media Killer' videos [
> ], and 'Copwatch' by Guerilla News Network. [
> ]
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