Re: [Frameworks] Avantgarde / "auteur" television - ?

From: robert harris (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Aug 14 2010 - 08:40:38 PDT

 David Tetzlaff provides an admirably inclusive list of USA work.

also of note:

What's Happening Mr. Silver on Boston's WGBH in the 60's

the work of Lanesville TV, by pioneering early community cable producer's known as the Videofreex...thought your presumed preference for "mainstream" may exclude it.

Most of Nam June Paik's single channel work was produced for television...some might allow the term "non-fiction" to describe some of it...
ie: Allan n' Allen's Complaint, Tribute to John Cage, You Can't Lick the Stamps in China.

An investigation of the publication Radical Software would be worthy for anyone interested in the topic.

The work of John Godfrey and Global Village...the Irish Tapes.

The work referred to in an earlier post as Loud Family was An American Family, shot by Alan and Susan Raymond, who have produced a number of non-fiction works for television.

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