[Frameworks] FUTURE OF FILM (was Letter to other Filmmaker Artists)

From: Ekrem Serdar (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 19 2010 - 19:42:47 PDT

New subject heading - too hasty perhaps?

  To Matt: It depends on what "film" is, or what that irreducible aspect (if
you can reduce it) of this technology or "art" is. It may not have an
industrial future - ie, no more Kodachrome, or Kodak etc., so no more film
stock unless you choose to make your own (which people do - for the future,
well, there might not be as many of us as the Impossible
Project<http://www.the-impossible-project.com/>folk, but perhaps just
enough). If you're going the Frampton route and
locate "film" as "whatever you stick into a projector", then, well I've
never built one, but you could build a projector. Not impossible. No, it
won't be the same, we'll lose those colors, etc that we associate with our
times yada yada. Alas, I don't really know what to say for that one except
that we'll have to deal with that one when we have to (along with everything
else). What might matter more are lifetimes dedicated to really getting this
craft *down*, with the sudden prospect of those skills rendered financially
- but hopefully not artistically - meaningless.
  My perhaps naive hope is that it won't be, that when "film goes down!!!!",
those interested in using the technology still will, as said, do it
themselves, and hopefully get jobs in art or visual studies departments, and
make their stuff with the sculptor next door and that ridiculous and fake
art vs film ocean! Line-in-the-sand! LAVA! puddle! will be crossed and
archivists with films on their hands will win against the MAKE IT HD crowd
so we can still get a sense, a taste. It's a toughie, but not impossible,
  Isn't digital after all the same thing as film, ie another tool in the
history of abstraction? One with angry-sigh inducing rendering times and big
institutional claims to NOW, but still?
   And as Dinorah points out, it has a present with people making great
work, galleries all about it and people selling eiki's for hundreds of
dollars. I may not have experienced a grand past to compare right now to,
but it seems healthy-ish right now. Am I completely misguided? Will there
ever be a little frameworks chapbook with a parse down of all the threads
about this?
(Good luck to all of us!)

2010/7/19 Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez <email suppressed>
>> wonderfully, it has a present. what else is there?
> Enjoy today...
>> Dinorah de Jesús Rodríguez
>> Multimedia Artist
>> On Jul 19, 2010, at 9:23 PM, Matt Helme wrote:
>> She makes an interesting point. Does film have a future?
>> Matt
> --- On *Mon, 7/19/10, Linda Scobie <email suppressed>* wrote:
>> your passion for celluloid is admirable, but the art form is already a
>> sinking ship--i don't recommend going under yourself financially over it
>> (though that advice may seemingly be too late.) try applying to art grants
>> for backing (maybe others can direct you for links with this being as its
>> not my expertise) or building a community to help with equipment/filmstock
>> donations (..step one, outreach-check!)
>> amor, linda

-ekrem "wait, *this is a ship*?!" serdar

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