Re: [Frameworks] FUTURE OF FILM (was Letter to other Filmmaker Artists)

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 20 2010 - 10:50:51 PDT

Uh, where do you get off with these accusation of laziness and carelessness

Did anyone here really assert as a blanket statement "there is no difference
between film and video" ?

Because this: " Film and video are so *clearly *different " means almost
nothing to me if video is just a shorthand generalization of all the
existing and possible electronic, digital, etc imaging systems *of which the
ones we can use now (nowness, again ;-)* are just the tip of an
iceberg.... video and video are so *clearly *different... !


> . Furthermore, I think it is incredibly naive (for anyone on this list in
> particular) to try and assert that there is no difference between film and
> video; if you truly believe that, you probably have no business using either
> media for art. It shows that you have not taken the time to seriously
> consider your media and the implications of and consequences for the use of
> it. Film and video are so *clearly *different in the ways that they
> operate, from their most fundamental material level, to the way in which
> they are worked with by the artists, to the way they are perceived by a
> viewer. If you see no difference, you are careless and lazy.

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