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And as Dinorah points out, it has a present with people making great work,
galleries all about it and people selling eiki's for hundreds of dollars.
I may not have experienced a grand past to compare right now to, but it
seems healthy-ish right now. Am I completely misguided?

It's healthy.
And what with all the immense amount of time it takes to make things right,
 the relative cost of film v digital is a very small part of the total
package. So you might as well stick with film for now.
If you divide your hours worked into the total cost of these old-fashioned
materials, you'll find that it turns out to be a rather cheap hobby. And
probably a more disciplined one, too.
Keep it up. If you get a couple of hundred dollars a month to spend on film
 production then more power to you. That's really all you need.
J. Carlile

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