Re: [Frameworks] 21st Century Limited

From: marilyn brakhage (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 12 2010 - 11:50:04 PDT

Though just to be clear, it really did matter to him a great deal, of
course. No doubt he was just trying to be philosophical about it and
conserve energy. That must have been 2002, and he was very ill at the
time -- we found out just how ill shortly after he got back.


On 12-Jul-10, at 10:06 AM, Pip Chodorov wrote:

> I was sitting in the second row in Rotterdam, right behind Stan
> Brakhage, and all his films were out of focus. It was so
> embarrassing. Leaving the theater, I mentioned to him what a shame it
> was, and to my surprise he replied, "Oh it's OK, it doesn't matter,
> I've seen out of focus my whole life!"
> -Pip

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