Re: [Frameworks] 21st Century Limited

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 12 2010 - 09:11:03 PDT

Has the 16mm projection at the Walter Reade always been as bad as last
night, I mean
have my standards gotten too high for a screen that large ? -

I don't think so, but that would mean either they ran those shows on
something other than'the (Elmo 2200 ?) used previously, or the lens needs
work, was replaced - or
something. True I was 3rd row, but I've sat pretty close to the screen.

I've seen other Brakhage 16mm films which looked fine but The God Of Day was
unwatchable, I left - there is NO point to puting your energy in teasing out
focus watching
a film nuanced (on so many levels) as this. I hope Marilyn et al get this
out on Blu-Ray next round.

At Sea, forget it. The projectionist could not maintain focus across the
screen (Hutton is tricky, different print stocks spliced [I once projected
Study of A River; realized the head titles were emulsion in but spliced to
the film itself emulsion out - ouch - altho I caught it right away]) So I
watched 50 minutes of Peter Hutton's film (which stretches where you can go
with 16mm in the first place) buzzing around various amounts of misfocus.

Obsevando el cielo looked pretty sharp, Pitcher didn't compared to other
Beavers' films;
Great Art of Knowing I don't know what to compare to (was very late and
missed half of it and all of Sarbande.


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