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Date: Mon Jul 12 2010 - 14:48:21 PDT

I read the subject thread on Will Hindle and I really appreciate the preservation efforts and I am very excited to see the final results someday.
I first experienced Mr. Hindle's astounding artistry when at a academy film preservation program a fragment of "FFFTCM" was screened. It was exhilirating and uniquely beautiful. I had never seen anything like it before. I then was lucky enough to watch a film print of "Billabong" at the Echo Park Film Center and the use of cinematic techniques like superimpositions, movement, and montage blew me away. I can't wait to see all of his personal visual movies on 16mm prints the way they were intended to be seen.
Mr. Youngblood, I really appreciate your enthusiastic writings on Hindle in your "Expanded Cinema" book and I was especially happy to read about your never-forget moment with him. I am very interested in him as a person and about his life and I would immensely appreciate any more memories or information you, and anyone else here, might have.
Elizabeth, thanks for your suggestion to use WorldCat to search for more material on him. I am particularly obsessed with hearing the " Brakhage lectures :  Will Hindle. by Stan Brakhage; Audiobook on tape. " that he made at the Art Institute of Chicago, and the recordings of the 2 "An Evening With Will Hindle" screenings and discussions in 1969 and 1979 that are held in the MOMA archives. Unfortunately, I recently moved and I have to wait for a month and a half until I can use my new libary card to make loan requests through the WorldCat system. 
I had recently read Stan Brakhage's fantastic book "Film At Wit's End" which is based on those lecture classes he taught at the Art Institute in Chicago throught the 1970s. The book-like all of Brakhage's movies, speeches, and other writings-is incredibley inspiring and illuminating and I really wish he had been able to include the lecture on Will Hindle. I look forward to learning about Mr. Brakhage's recollections of him, and his thoughts and feelings about his work.     

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