Re: Dialogues between film and digital

From: Marcos Ortega (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 04 2010 - 06:12:30 PST

Maybe Rebecca Baron and Douglas Goodwin's 'Lossless' series.

"In Baron and Goodwin's Lossless series the 'materiality' of the
digital becomes the source-code for experimental execution. The
artists' renditions of appropriated films are certainly not
"lossless" (i.e. a copy of the original in which nothing is
lost), but rather gainful: through various techniques of digital
disruption - compression, file-sharing, the removal of essential
digital information - the artists reveal the gain of a "new"
media, full of material forms ripe for aesthetic sleuthing. --Braxton

   Quoting Kim Knowles <email suppressed>:

> Dear all,
> Apologies for yet another question. This time I'm looking for 
> experimental works that involve a dialogue between film and
> technology for a looped film programme at the Scottish Gallery of 

> Modern Art. I'm thinking of films that go beyond simply shooting
> film then transferring to digital, but rather where the two
> somehow comment on each other, such as Shambhavi Kaul's 'Scene
> that screened at Rotterdam this week, and Thorsten Fleisch's
> Film'. Any suggestions would, as ever, be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Kim
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