Re: sensory overload

From: Jeanne LIOTTA (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Dec 04 2009 - 11:03:17 PST

Brook beat me to it but I would like to second NATE BOYCE's work--that is of course if you include video when you say film ;)

'Sensory overload' makes me think of the 60's--expansive experiments of that time with multiple projections, rock bands etc. You know. Some great information on this era and radical makers in Douglas Davis' book 'Art and the Future'.

I had a funny experience a few years ago when the USCO folks, Gerd STern etc, performed at Anthology Film Archives. They were known for their 60's happenings and art commune and multiple formats of simultaneous sound and image . And while their performance was charming and fascinating and curious in many ways, it was a far cry from sensory overload--which made me reflect on the difference between then and now, the speed of change in the mediascape and the relativity of what constitutes a bombardment of the senses.

Though Tom's reference to The Nervous System is right on. Maybe flicker is always a sensory overload? Seems to still work.

How about Stom Sogo's work, if anyone can find him?

Jeanne 'back to the books' Liotta

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