Re: History of NY film and video venues

From: Fred Camper (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 16 2009 - 15:58:43 PST

A movie theater called the 55th Street Playhouse, which was indeed on
55th Street, had a brief period in early 1964 of showing avant-garde
films with one week runs. I saw "Twice a Man" there.

The Astor Place Playhouse showed avant-garde films, I believe around
1965. I'm not sure who organized this; it might have been Jonas Mekas.

There was also a period of screenings at the City Hall Cinema, likely
organized by Mekas, where there was a complete Brakhage retrospective
(perhaps the first ever?) in the mid-1960s.

I don't even know if these places are physically extant today.

Fred Camper

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