Re: Stuart Sherman films

From: John Matturri (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 16 2009 - 15:42:53 PST

A number of the films were pulled from distribution from Canyon for
vinegar syndrome. MoMA has a restoration project and I hope they will
put the restored films into circulation. The Fales Library at NYU has
what I think may be full set of films set transfered to DVD but these
are reference copies (you can check the Stuart Sherman finding list at
the Fales Library website for more details). If you are willing to show
dvd transfers of unavailable films perhaps Mark Bradford, Stuart's
executor, could help.

Below is what Berenice Reynaud came up with for a film program last
week. This was connected to a current Sherman survey exhibit I
co-curated at NYU's 80WSE Gallery. Runs through mid-December, by the
way. I quickly handed off the film screening to Berenice so I'm afraid
that I'm not on top of specific information about the films.


/Elevator/Dance/, 1980, 16mm, b&w/si, 3:12m
/Racing/, 1981, 16mm, b&w/so, 1:05m
/Bridge Film/, 1981, 16mm, b&w/si, 1:20m
/Typewriting (Pertaining to Stefan Brecht/), 1982, 16mm, b&w/so, 2:06m
/Golf Film/, /1982, /16mm, color/so, 50sec
/Portrait of Benedicte Pesle, 1984, /16mm, b&w/si/so, 56sec
/Mr. Ashley Proposes (Portrait of George), /1985, 16mm, b&w/si, 1:35m
/Eating/, 1986, 16mm, color/so, 6:10m
/Th//e Discovery of the Phonograph/, 1986, 16mm, color/so, 6m
/Scotty Snyder (All Around the Table/), 1987, 16mm, color/so, 9.5m
/Berlin Tour, /1988, 16mm, color/so, 12m
/B//lack-Eyed Susan (Portrait of an Actress)/ 1989, 16mm, color/so, 9m
/Libération (Portrait of Béré//nice Reynaud)/*, *1993, 16mm, color/so
Special thanks to Canyon Cinema and Mark Bradford
Note: we are showing prints that have not yet been preserved. The Museum
of Modern Art is dedicated to the preservation and eventual exhibition
of Stuart Sherman films and is diligently working through the collection
acquired in 2000, but is unable to provide exhibition prints at this
time. We look forward to working with MoMA on a future exhibition when
the preservation project is completed.
_/Berlin (West)/Andere Richtungen/, 1986, 6 min, color/so
/Son of Scotty and Stuart/*, */1993, /5 min, color/so
/Bill Rice's Beer Garden/*, */1994/, 5 min, color/so
/Me and Joe/,* *1994, 4 min, color/so
/8 Eggs/, /1994, /5 min, color/so
Videos made generously available by Electronic Arts Intermix, a
nonprofit media arts center and distribution

J. Mabe wrote:
> Hello!
> I just wondering if anyone knows a possible source for the films of Stuart Sherman, other than EAI, the NYPL (Donnell), Canyon, and MoMA.
> I'm searching for some of the films that the Donnell have to view (specifically the films on the reel titled "The Films of Stuart Sherman" - like ROCK/STRING and FISH STORY). The Donnell's prints are non-circulating, the titles at EAI and Canyon aren't the ones I'm looking for, MoMA's circulating film collection doesn't carry any titles (though they do have the original film materials). So I may be out of luck as far as being able to rent these films, but I figured I would ask all y'all before I give up.
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