Re: Looking for prints to screen

From: Fred Camper (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 11 2009 - 13:44:23 PDT

Quoting Cari Machet <email suppressed>:

> well our expectations of people often do not pan out
> this is not my experience of jonas at all
> i am not surprised one bit by his reaction

By the early 1960s, Jonas Mekas was the world's number one advocate
for avant-garde film. An enthusiastic column on a Markopoulos film
interested a friend of mine, who went, liked it, and then took me.
Thus Mekas was responsible for my life-changing interest in cinema,
which began at 15. In the years after, most times I went to a
screening of something great in New York, he was there, not as an
audience member but behind it as organizer. He published my first
writing. He was a tremendous advocate for Brakhage's work, and also
helped support him, and many other filmmakers. I don't know what your
problem is, but in recent decades, he has turned, as he should, to his
own work, which is a lot greater than many of the things he showed.

I suggest you read "Movie Journal."

Fred Camper

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