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From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 11 2009 - 14:12:20 PDT

whatever - you are always right fred
my experience and knowledge has no validity for you
i get it
i think jonas's reaction speaks for itself
also i think the number one 'advocate' for avant garde film is not jonas but
these kinds of absolutes do not really interest me anyway
and for your info what my problem is is the truth
rewrite history not based on the facts - whatever
argue with irrelevant vapid info - have fun
as usual you alienate the truth and are not open to multi-faceted experience
that is true to life
creating gods of men - so boring

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On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 4:44 PM, Fred Camper <email suppressed> wrote:

> Quoting Cari Machet <email suppressed>:
> well our expectations of people often do not pan out
>> this is not my experience of jonas at all
>> i am not surprised one bit by his reaction
> By the early 1960s, Jonas Mekas was the world's number one advocate for
> avant-garde film. An enthusiastic column on a Markopoulos film interested a
> friend of mine, who went, liked it, and then took me. Thus Mekas was
> responsible for my life-changing interest in cinema, which began at 15. In
> the years after, most times I went to a screening of something great in New
> York, he was there, not as an audience member but behind it as organizer. He
> published my first writing. He was a tremendous advocate for Brakhage's
> work, and also helped support him, and many other filmmakers. I don't know
> what your problem is, but in recent decades, he has turned, as he should, to
> his own work, which is a lot greater than many of the things he showed.
> I suggest you read "Movie Journal."
> Fred Camper
> Chicago
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