Murdoch's Falsehoods [Was: Kuchar/McDowell screen on Fox News!]

From: Fred Camper (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Aug 01 2009 - 11:39:56 PDT

Quoting Scott Stark <email suppressed>:


I looked at this clip, and it is full of distortions and lies, to the
point that it made me sick to think of Americans lapping up this
nonsense and then voting accordingly. Falsehoods should be no
surprised coming from the lying liars at Fox News, but why post a url
linking to Fox News (and thus giving them a few more hits) without

Singling out a couple of San Francisco based erotic art events whose
organizations got some NEA money, they try to tar the whole stimulus
package with them. Among many other problems, they single out one
film, "Thundercrack," that the SF Cinemtheque is showing, as if,
somehow, the $25,000 grant went to that film.

I don't even have cable, and don't watch Fox, but I assume that they
didn't blame the millions of dollars in bribes paid to that good
conservative Republican, Randy Cunningham, now in prison, on the whole
military industrial complex. Yet they somehow try to tar the entire
$50 million extra to the NEA (which, contrary to the statement they
make, is a minuscule portion of the stimulus total) with
"Thundercrack." And according to Fox, Biden is somehow doing a poor
job by not watching every last $25,000 in stimulus dollars.

This is classic demagoguery, constructed solely to make fake points
rather than to present anything resembling the truth. It reminds me of
the way Pat Robertson's TV show used to illustrate stories on gays
(who he habitually referred to as "sodomites") with the most way-out
"performers" at pride parades. It reminds me of the way the right-wing
"conservative" and "Christian" American Family Association acted as,
in effect, pornographers, when they published a fund-raising brochure
with small excerpts of explicit sexual imagery from
not-all-that-sexual art works by David Wojnarowicz, who then sued them
for copyright violation, and won.

Some of Fox News's distortions and lies have more had deadly
consequences. Would Bush II even have been elected in 2000 without
them? Would we have started a war by invading Iraq? How do these liars
sleep nights?

I think if you're going to post a url so something toxic, and arguably
evil, you should at least give a description of it and state your
opinion of it too.

Fred Camper

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