Re: Stabilization Software

From: Vera Brunner-Sung (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 25 2009 - 10:54:57 PDT

Dear Ken,

It's my understanding that using a tripod to shoot super-8 will always give
you a slight vertical bounce. So I'm assuming this is all tripod footage...

The stabilization filter that comes with Final Cut 6 is pretty amazing. (I
almost used it for my last project, which had a lot of tripod super-8, but
by the time I finished editing I was so used to the movement that it didn't
bother me anymore.)

Also, could you share the name of the transfer house that you like so much?



On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 9:37 AM, Freya <email suppressed> wrote:

> > 2) Does stabilization software affect
> > sharpness?
> It affects resolution as you already suggested which can in turn affect
> perceived sharpness. I expect it won't be that noticable in practice.
> > 4) If applying stabilization software to
> > uncompressed files is the way to go, is it simple enough to
> > make my compressed files from the former (for editing) via
> > Final Cut?
> Should just be a matter of saving them out as uncompressed or another
> lossless codec, assuming your system is fast enough to cope.
> > *Please note: I am aware that some overall image
> > movement partially contributes to a 'film look'. But
> > to what extent may be subjective. In this case, I feel it is
> > distracting and hope to remedy it without affecting the
> > image adversely.
> It may be that you are experiencing cartridge jitter. After the move of S8
> manufacturing a while back, a number of users were complaining that image
> stability had been adveresly affected. Kodak apparently rectified this so it
> only affected certain batches of film. I have no idea to what extent there
> is a continuing problem with cartridge jitter, as I've not kept up with more
> recent events but I just wanted to point out that the instability might be a
> cartridge problem as opposed to a telecine problem.
> Good luck with your stabalisation.
> love
> freya
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