Re: Stabilization Software

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 25 2009 - 09:37:52 PDT

> 2)  Does stabilization software affect
> sharpness?

It affects resolution as you already suggested which can in turn affect perceived sharpness. I expect it won't be that noticable in practice.

> 4)  If applying stabilization software to
> uncompressed files is the way to go, is it simple enough to
> make my compressed files from the former (for editing) via
> Final Cut?

Should just be a matter of saving them out as uncompressed or another lossless codec, assuming your system is fast enough to cope.

> *Please note: I am aware that some overall image
> movement partially contributes to a 'film look'. But
> to what extent may be subjective. In this case, I feel it is
> distracting and hope to remedy it without affecting the
> image adversely.

It may be that you are experiencing cartridge jitter. After the move of S8 manufacturing a while back, a number of users were complaining that image stability had been adveresly affected. Kodak apparently rectified this so it only affected certain batches of film. I have no idea to what extent there is a continuing problem with cartridge jitter, as I've not kept up with more recent events but I just wanted to point out that the instability might be a cartridge problem as opposed to a telecine problem.

Good luck with your stabalisation.




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