From: ELIZABETH McALPINE (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 19 2009 - 10:02:26 PST


I hope that everyone is well

I was wondering if any one might be able to shed some light on a technical
problem I have,

I have been trying to sync two super 8 projectors together for some time so
that I can feed the same piece of footage through them both - however one is
running forward and the second projector is running in reveres - I have had
some success with the project using higher end projectors where the motor is
in a fixed 24 or 16 fps ( a YELCO DS 810MT and a CHINON SOUND 7500 I am only
using different projectors as I simply have not as yet been able to get my
hands on a second YELCO a bit of a rarity I have discovered!) - and the
measuring the rpm of the motor with a taco meter and tweaking the variable
speed Knob

I have had some success with this method and it dose run for about 15-20
mins before the tension is thrown out of sync too much and ping!

However and this is my question - I have been told a small amount about the
crystal sync box that is compatible with some sound projectors it was
suggested to me that I could use this to sync the two projectors and that it
would stop them going out of sync - however I am a bit confused by this - I
have done a bit of research on line and I thought that the crystal sync was
to sync sound with the picture - (there is no sound on my film) I simply
want the two projectors to be in sync and constant so that the tension of
the film remains more or less the same.

Is anyone familiar with the crystal sync box and how it works if it could be
adapted in some way? - or if this would be the wrong line for me to peruse?

I would be grateful for any advise

Best wishes



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