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Day is Done - A Film by Mike Kelley

Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstructions #2 - #32 .


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Art / Artist
2006 . 150 min
Satanic rituals and advertising jingles mingled with allusions to Godard,
German Expressionist cinema and Stockhausen...a amazing
feat of industry and poetics."
---Michael Kimmelman, The New York Times
'Day Is Done', a major new video work by Los Angeles artist Mike Kelley, is
a feature-length musical.  It enunciates a career-long interest in American
subcultures and folk events through the re-staging of 31 carnivalesque
productions intermixed into a meandering semi-narrative.  Each
reconstruction is a live-action scene that has been extrapolated from
photographs found in high school yearbooks.  Their subjects are the kinds of
institutionalized entertainments practiced within the American education
system or the work place.  These include such familiar diversions from the
day-to-day routine as dress-up days, memorial speeches, religious
spectacles, fashion shows, singles' mixers, and musical follies.  The actors
have been cast based on their resemblance to the figures in the found
photographs, and the sets eerily recreate the original locales:  harshly
spot-lit stages, bland institutional hallways, meeting rooms, and
gymnasiums. While each chapter of 'Day Is Done' is derived entirely from an
image of a quite standardized folk ritual, Kelley disrupts the traditional
structures of such events to construct a dizzying daisy chain of
performances that results in an institutional landscape populated by dancing
Goths,  singing vampires, hick story-tellers, horse dancers, and the Virgin
Originally presented as a 50 channel video/sculpture installation at the
Gagosian Gallery New York, in December of 2005, this version of 'Day is
Done' has been re-edited into a single channel format for private viewing.
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