From: mat fleming (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 20 2009 - 05:26:08 PST

From my understanding (based on a chat with a tech offering me such a gadget
at an opening the other night)
you have a machine which generates a SMPTE timecode which you can plug into
everything/anything (compatible to accept such a signal)
which you want to be in synch. Be it a projector, a tape machine, a piece
of digital hardware/software. The SMPTE is a
standard they all understand (like MIDI but with pictures in mind). My
friend remembers using it a lot but I've never noticed such a socket
on any projector. I'm sure someone here will have though.

Also try the 8mm forum it's quite a scary
place but they're definitely taking 8mm projection into the 23rd century.


On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 6:02 PM, ELIZABETH McALPINE <
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> Hi
> I hope that everyone is well
> I was wondering if any one might be able to shed some light on a technical
> problem I have,
> I have been trying to sync two super 8 projectors together for some time so
> that I can feed the same piece of footage through them both - however one
> is
> running forward and the second projector is running in reveres - I have
> had
> some success with the project using higher end projectors where the motor
> is
> in a fixed 24 or 16 fps ( a YELCO DS 810MT and a CHINON SOUND 7500 I am
> only
> using different projectors as I simply have not as yet been able to get my
> hands on a second YELCO a bit of a rarity I have discovered!) - and the
> measuring the rpm of the motor with a taco meter and tweaking the variable
> speed Knob
> I have had some success with this method and it dose run for about 15-20
> mins before the tension is thrown out of sync too much and ping!
> However and this is my question - I have been told a small amount about the
> crystal sync box that is compatible with some sound projectors it was
> suggested to me that I could use this to sync the two projectors and that
> it
> would stop them going out of sync - however I am a bit confused by this - I
> have done a bit of research on line and I thought that the crystal sync was
> to sync sound with the picture - (there is no sound on my film) I simply
> want the two projectors to be in sync and constant so that the tension of
> the film remains more or less the same.
> Is anyone familiar with the crystal sync box and how it works if it could
> be
> adapted in some way? - or if this would be the wrong line for me to peruse?
> I would be grateful for any advise
> Best wishes
> Elizabeth
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