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Ophus LA RONDE perhaps? Maybe not exactly the idea but close.

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> The most celebrated of this ilk would be Bresson's "L'argent." Shrewd
> editing, indeed.
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> daisy chain
> Hello everyone,
> I am doing research and pre-production work on a film project on Mafia in
> South Italy, 16mm, no actors. This was the reason of my recent post about
> tinting B&W footage as this could be an option for some scenes.
> One of the forms the work could take is that of a "daisy chain" of sorts:
> follow one person in the street then move on following another person, and
> so on. The links between people could be sites or objects. For instance,
> person A is followed until he enters a bar. We then follow person B as soon
> as he exits the same bar. Objects could be transitional objects like the
> famous post-it-sized pizzini mafiosi use to communicate, even if we do not
> see them. Suggestion might be enough. In B&W and with shrewd editing, I
> suppose one can generate the suggestion, even if for a split-second, that
> the same person is being followed. I have done this in photography and now
> want to experimet with film.
> I was wondering what pedigree this idea has. I know of no film that
> systematically exploits this device, or uses it as an editing strategy,
> apart from Linklater's "Slacker" movie, in which one or more characters are
> followed until they meet a third one, upon which the action shifts to this
> third person until he or she meets a fourth one, and so forth...
> Thank you for any feedback!
> Best,
> Marco
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