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From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 12 2009 - 08:21:28 PST

The Yellow rolls Royce? (Or am I thinking of "The Red Violin?) Or the Boy With the Green Hair? (joke)

On Mon 12/01/09 10:48 , "Henry M. Taylor" email suppressed sent:
> As far as I recall, Iosseliani's 'Les Favoris de la lune' is
> structured similarly, around a stolen painting which keeps on changing
> owners.
> Henry
> Hello.
> I haven't seen "The Red Violin," but recall reading that it's
> structured in this way. The story links many people over three
> centuries through their possession of the eponymous violin.
> Vicki White
> Chicago
> On Mon Jan 12 7:33 , marco poloni sent:
> Hello everyone,
> I am doing research and pre-production work on a film project on
> Mafia in South Italy, 16mm, no actors. This was the reason of my
> recent post about tinting B&W footage as this could be an option for
> some scenes.
> One of the forms the work could take is that of a “daisy chain”
> of sorts: follow one person in the street then move on following
> another person, and so on. The links between people could be sites or
> objects. For instance, person A is followed until he enters a bar. We
> then follow person B as soon as he exits the same bar. Objects could
> be transitional objects like the famous post-it-sized pizzini mafiosi
> use to communicate, even if we do not see them. Suggestion might be
> enough. In B&W and with shrewd editing, I suppose one can generate the
> suggestion, even if for a split-second, that the same person is being
> followed. I have done this in photography and now want to experimet
> with film.
> I was wondering what pedigree this idea has. I know of no film that
> systematically exploits this device, or uses it as an editing
> strategy, apart from Linklater's “Slacker” movie, in which one or
> more characters are followed until they meet a third one, upon which
> the action shifts to this third person until he or she meets a fourth
> one, and so forth...
> Thank you for any feedback!
> Best,
> Marco
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