Multi-colored Bolex Filters

From: James Cole (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Nov 23 2008 - 10:28:38 PST

I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on Robert Beavers' use of
multi-colored filters in works like Early Monthly Segments. In the film,
Beavers presents the audience with several shots in which different
quadrants of the image are tinted with four different colors, and eventually
he presents the audience with himself handling the the four-colored filter
(which looks just like a regular ND filter or whatever, only with 4
different fields each colored differently). If I recall correcty, he even
shows a few shots where the multi-colored filter is slid into frame. I
assume he made them himself, since I can't think of any reason why they
would be produced commercially; but I can't figure out how someone could
make something like that. Is there anyone more technically-minded than
myself who might know how this was done?


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