Re: Multi-colored Bolex Filters

From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Nov 23 2008 - 11:19:20 PST

Greetings -
Your phrase " . . . even shows a few shots where the multi-coloured filter is slid into the frame."
makes me think that he may have used the filter slot that most Bolexes have and the filter frame that slides in.

He would have had to use optical grade geletine filter sheets, and cut each colour to fill 1/4 the frame.
Since the filter slot opening is so small (maybe 2-3x larger than the 16mm frame itself) it could be
that the unsupported central corners of the filters wouldn't flop around loosely.
If a double thickness of filter can be held by the holder, maybe he also used a full-frame colourless Skylight type filter to
prevent the filter corners from flopping in one direction, reducing chances of curling by 50% - better than nothing.

Or he may have used tiny pieces of lighting media colours which are too stiff to flop around at all.
Of course the surfaces aren't optically clear, but it could be that using lighting media colours was good enough, anyway.


On Sun 23/11/08 13:28 , James Cole email suppressed sent:
> I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on Robert Beavers' use
> of multi-colored filters in works like Early Monthly Segments. In the
> film, Beavers presents the audience with several shots in which
> different quadrants of the image are tinted with four different
> colors, and eventually he presents the audience with himself handling
> the the four-colored filter (which looks just like a regular ND filter
> or whatever, only with 4 different fields each colored differently).
> If I recall correcty, he even shows a few shots where the
> multi-colored filter is slid into frame. I assume he made them
> himself, since I can't think of any reason why they would be
> produced commercially; but I can't figure out how someone could
> make something like that. Is there anyone more technically-minded
> than myself who might know how this was done?
> -James
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