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From: Gene Youngblood (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Nov 23 2008 - 10:43:14 PST

Thanks Adam for reading the site closer than I did. I guess we just wait for
Facets to announce it.

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> Hi Gene,
> Iıve been trying to find out as well and would appreciate any responses.
> The retrospective of his films that is taking place at IDFA (Documentary
> Festival at Amsterdam) does seem to be happening, with screenings at the
> Filmmuseum there. But Iıve posted to some doc lists asking if anyone has
> attended any and no one has responded. They are on the schedule though.
> On their website they also mention that they will be launching it and
> having
> a retrospective at MOMA. I wanted to see about having screenings and such
> in Los Angeles. But when I wrote the programmers at MOMA, they knew
> nothing
> about it. And my inquiries to the Ivens Foundation have not gotten any
> replies. Maybe they jumped the gun on their website, but itıs a little
> odd.
> Here is the Amsterdam Filmmuseum's web page on it:
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> It does mention that it won't be out in France until "Spring of 2009." So
> it might just being rolled out country by country when they can get
> retrospective screenings in each. That would take too damn long! :-)
> If the box has actually come out in Europe, a query to Facets (the
> mentioned
> distributor in the US) would probably be in order to learn its ETA here,
> but
> I haven't done that yet.
> Best regards,
> Adam Hyman
> Los Angeles Filmforum
> On 11/23/08 9:21 AM, "Gene Youngblood" <email suppressed> wrote:
>> According to the Joris Ivens Foundation, the 20-film, five-disc set of
>> his
>> work was scheduled for release last week, with ceremonies in Holland on
>> the
>> 18th and 21st.
>> <,0715393519&amp;k=1&amp;t=
>> 2&amp;m=1>
>> Does anyone know if this actually took place, and when the box will be
>> available in the U.S.?
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