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Unless I'm mistaken "Das Wesen..." = “L’Essence du Cinéma—L’Idée Visuelle” (1925) = "The Essence of Cinema: The Visual Idea" a translation of which appears in AVANT GARDE FILM, ed. P. Adams Sitney, pp. 36-42.

"Les esthetiques, les etraves..." = "The Aesthetics, The Obstacle: Integral Cinegraphie" trans. Stuart Liebman, FRAMEWORK no. 19 (1982): 6-9.

I don't know any of them personally and I'm not sure if they are on this list, but Tami Williams at UW Milwaukee is doing fantastic historical scholarship on Dulac, including working through drafts of publications (not just the finalized versions), though most of it is being published in French, Sian Reynolds translated Dulac's 3 pieces on newsreels for SCREENING THE PAST (available online:, and of course Sandy Flitterman-Lewis has written a good deal on Dulac.

As a stop gap, some very beautifully translated fragments of Dulac's writings--including extensive passages from "Du Sentiment à la Ligne" also appear in Tom Gunning “Light, Motion, Cinema!: The Heritage of Loïe Fuller and Germaine Dulac,” Framework 46, no. 1 (Spring 2005).

It's high time somebody translated the entirety of Dulac's Écrits, ed. Hillairet Prosper (Paris Experimental) into English.

Best of luck with your project and please share if you find out any good news about forthcoming translations.


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Subject: Germaine Dulac writings - looking for English translations
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> Hi all,
> Does anyone know of any English translations (published/on the
> verge of
> publication/in progress) of the writings of Germaine Dulac?
> As writer/editor for the feminist journal *La Francaise*, 1909–13
> *Articles:*
> "Un Article? Mais que faut-il prouver?" in *Le Film* (Paris), 16
> October1919.
> "Aux amis du cinéma," address in *Cinémagazine* (Paris), 19
> December 1924.
> "L'Art des nuances spirituelles," in *Cinéa-Ciné pour tous*
> (Paris), January
> 1925.
> "Du sentiment à la ligne," in *Schémas*, no. 1, 1927.
> "Les Esthètiques, les entraves, la cinégraphie intégrale," in
> *L'Art* *
> cinématographique*, Paris, 1927.
> "Sur le cinéma visuel," in *Le Rouge et le noir* (Paris), July 1928.
> "Jouer avec les bruits," in *Cinéa-Ciné pour tous* (Paris), 15
> August 1929.
> "Das Wesen des Films: Die visuelle idee," and "Das Kino der
> Avantgarde," in
> *Frauen und Film* (Berlin), October 1984.
> . . .or any other articles? Any leads for books, links, contact
> emailsgladly accepted on or off list.
> Thanks!
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> :denah
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