Germaine Dulac writings - looking for English translations

From: denah johnston (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 02 2008 - 14:58:25 PDT

Hi all,

Does anyone know of any English translations (published/on the verge of
publication/in progress) of the writings of Germaine Dulac?

As writer/editor for the feminist journal *La Francaise*, 1909–13


"Un Article? Mais que faut-il prouver?" in *Le Film* (Paris), 16 October

"Aux amis du cinéma," address in *Cinémagazine* (Paris), 19 December 1924.

"L'Art des nuances spirituelles," in *Cinéa-Ciné pour tous* (Paris), January

"Du sentiment à la ligne," in *Schémas*, no. 1, 1927.

"Les Esthètiques, les entraves, la cinégraphie intégrale," in *L'Art* *
cinématographique*, Paris, 1927.

"Sur le cinéma visuel," in *Le Rouge et le noir* (Paris), July 1928.

"Jouer avec les bruits," in *Cinéa-Ciné pour tous* (Paris), 15 August 1929.

"Das Wesen des Films: Die visuelle idee," and "Das Kino der Avantgarde," in
*Frauen und Film* (Berlin), October 1984.
. . .or any other articles? Any leads for books, links, contact emails
gladly accepted on or off list.


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