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From: Flores-Gutiérrez, Beatriz (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Sep 08 2008 - 00:21:07 PDT

Hello Jack,

I think elections in the USA ought to be of global concern, but would very gladly stop talking about it (unless of course there's a real dialogue or "debate"). I know whoever ends up being supported by people and of course the current leading corporations is going to determine the fate of my and many Latin American countries for example; I don't know what the ties are with France exactly, but I did hear/see the global community protesting the war for example.

 I just got home from a long trip and at this point I think I rather talk about who is going to make "Birth of a Nation II". There's a great story told by Michael Parenti that I'd like to share with you; so there's Danton looking down his balcony, he sees a bunch of people down the street screaming "liberté (I don't know how to type the French accent on the letter, so I'll use the Spanish one... do I need the French one?), fraternité, and egali... all of the sudden he realizes "There go the people! I must catch up with them, I'm their leader!" I think is one in many stories (mind you naive) that cause me to smile.

and... for the general list

Yes, I realize this is a global community concerned with experimental film. 700 members! that's not a whole lot of people!


P.S. Hey Bernie, please sign back in!

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Clearly there is (whether people like it or not) a link between art
and politics, whether its artists work being censored or artists
making work in response to a political / social crisis.

However, what's interesting about this 'debate' is that - while there
have been a couple of emails mentioning that this list is global -
the politics mentioned seems so often to be American in focus. I
have nothing against this, I have a fascination with it on a personal
level, but its interesting to see people pushing US elections on a
global list (I don't recall anything about, say French elections
here). I mean, speaking as a European living in the Antipodes I have
to say that the choice doesn't seem to be too great, don't get me
wrong, I'd back Obama, but, you know... Shouldn't artists be a little
more rigorous in their political demands?


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For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.