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From: Fred Davidson (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 06 2008 - 05:50:35 PDT

      And isn't it often cited that Turgenev's Fathers and Sons was
responsible for sparking the Russian revolution? I can't seem to find
that information on Wikipedia or elsewhere on the web. Can someone
confirm that for me please. Maybe I read that in the forward. I'm sure
I read that somewhere. I can't find my copy. Oh yes, here it is. Let's
shuffle through all those pages of the introduction by Herbert J.
Muller, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. Ahh, yep, right here on the front
dust cover jacket. The third sentence of the Modern Library edition
that I bought for $2.95 at the Strand bookstore in New York City God
knows how many years ago. In 1979? Or in 1980? "The intellectual
movement which Turgenev chronicled and the 'Nihilist' character he
imaginatively brought into being gave the first impetus to what later
culminated in the Russian revolution." And from Herbert J. Muller's
introduction on page vii it says, and I quote, "Although the
revolutionary movement pictured in Fathers and Sons was a transient
affair without immediate consequences, it helped to form the mentality
of the later revolutionaries who established the Soviet Union." Now if
I could just find a film of this nobody could fault me for saying this
on is this list. Somebody made a film of Fathers and Sons didn't they?
Or didn't they? Now I have to look that up... Excuse me a minute. O.K.
Yes there is. Yes there most certainly is. "Ottsy i deti" made in
1959, directed by Adolf Bergunker and Natalya Rashevskaya and the
British TV mini-series "Fathers and Sons" released in October of 1971
directed by Paddy Russell are two.


On Sep 5, 2008, at 9:00 PM, Jack Sargeant wrote:

> Clearly there is (whether people like it or not) a link between art
> and politics, whether its artists work being censored or artists
> making work in response to a political / social crisis.
> However, what's interesting about this 'debate' is that - while
> there have been a couple of emails mentioning that this list is
> global - the politics mentioned seems so often to be American in
> focus. I have nothing against this, I have a fascination with it on
> a personal level, but its interesting to see people pushing US
> elections on a global list (I don't recall anything about, say
> French elections here). I mean, speaking as a European living in the
> Antipodes I have to say that the choice doesn't seem to be too
> great, don't get me wrong, I'd back Obama, but, you know...
> Shouldn't artists be a little more rigorous in their political
> demands?
> Jack
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