Who are the culprits?

From: Ingo Petzke (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 16 2008 - 00:40:31 PDT

This may be a bit aside from the controversy but still I think it's

Yep, VHS first and then DVDs and now streaming has made watching "films"
cheaper, both in budgetary and quality terms. However, when running a class
[or in my case a department] one can't possibly do without print rental. And
students clearly appreciate the higher quality of these. BUT all the
decision makers in Faculty and University cut down your budget for print
rental as they KNOW FOR SURE it is obsolete and you can do it cheaper these

Maybe it's just my fault as I can't convince them - though I keep fighting
and fighting...


>What is absent from any of these
>discussions is any EVIDENCE that the availability of lo-res clips
>online has any effect on print rentals. And no, a general decrease in
>rentals coincident with the rise of UBUweb does not count, as
>correlation does not imply causality.

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