SFAI Film Salon - (almost) all Super 8 - Wednesday night

From: Chris Kennedy (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 02 2008 - 00:34:24 PDT

Those in SF might be interested in our all Super 8 show (one piece shown on
video) in the Lecture Hall at the San Francisco Art Institute. Rare chance
to see Brakhage's Song 14 & Ann Charlotte Robinson's Emily Died. Also, a new
film by Steve Polta...

San Francisco, California: SFAI Film Salon
7:30pm, SFAI, LECTURE HALL, 800 Chestnut Street
SFAI Film Salon: Imprints in Super 8

These filmmakers works in Super 8 point to the mediumšs allowance for an
immediacy of expression, ease of movement and unique textural qualities, in
engagments with intimate and visceral inspirations. Saul Levinešs Light
Lick: Get it While You Can was made frame by frame, augmenting glimpses of
the everyday with the gestures, rhythms and pulses of pure light. Storm de
Hirschšs Recurring Dream excites a sensory engagement with ritual and the
transcendent, while Stan Brakhagešs luminous Song 14 has growing molds,
paints and crystals literally imprinting themselves onto the fi lm. Emily
Died is a part of Anne Charlotte Robertsonšs continuing fi lm diary, a
project in which she exposes and confronts her personal struggles and lifešs
losses with the power of filmic discovery and raw expression. Willie
Varelašs personal cinema confronts the hovering presence of mortality in
Juntos en la Vida, Unidos en la Muerte (ŗTogether in Life, United in
Death˛). Program to include: Light Lick: Get it While You Can, Saul Levine,
2000, 10 min., Recurring Dream, Storm de Hirsch, 1965, 3 min. Juntos en la
Vida, Unidos en la Muerte, Willie Varela 1985, 10 min. Emily Died, Anne
Charlotte Robertson, 1997, 27 min. (on video) Song #14, Stan Brakhage, 1965,
8 min A House Full of Dust, Steve Polta, 2007, 15 min. All films on Super 8,
except for Emily Died

For more information contact: email suppressed or
(address suppressed) The SFAI Film Salon is supported by the SFAI
Student Union and Legion of Graduate Students (LOGS)

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