FW: 15th and Final Festival opens TODAY

From: Ed Halter (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 02 2008 - 04:58:56 PDT


The 15th and FINAL New York Underground Film Festival
April 2-8, 2008
All screenings at Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue at 2nd Street

A week of over 100 shorts and 14 features! And much, much more. For a full
schedule and advance tickets, visit nyuff.com
For day-of tickets and to find out about festival parties, stop by

Out, out brief candle... It's time to say goodbye. But not yet.

Full Festival lineup:

8pm NY Premiere of Eddy Moretti and Suroosh Alvi's (VICE)
3-years-in-the-making Heavy Metal in Baghdad, which follows Iraq's best
known heavy metal band, Acrassicauda.

SUNDAY, April 6, 2008
NY Premiere of Jim Finn's latest, The Juche Idea, an experimental feature
about a South Korean video artist who takes an art residency in North Korea
to make Juche-inspired video art. The Juche Idea is a deadpan yet poetic
look into the role of propaganda and politics in the creation of art.

THURSDAY, April 3, 2008

Where's the Love - a shorts program featuring work by Peggy Ahwesh, Michael
Robinson, Cao Fei, Darrin Martin, and Drew Heitzler.

Inside Outside Upside Down - a shorts program featuring work by Nate Boyce,
Jessie Stead, Leighton Pierce, Robert Todd, Charlotte Pryce, and Jeanne

Government Radiation - a shorts program featuring work by Jesper Nordahl,
Kevin Jerome Everson, Steve Reinke, Martha Colburn, Nao Bustamante,
Jacqueline Goss, and James June Schneider

Hoopeston by Thomas Bender - NY Premiere
Part poignant portrait of heartland America, part real-life Christopher
Guest on toad's milk, Hoopeston is a documentary about a group of Wiccans
who descend on a small middle-American town.

Kenedi is Getting Married by Zelimir Zilnik - US Premiere
In the third of director Zelimir Zilnik's films about Roma everyman Kenedi
Hasani, Kenedi agrees to reenact his picaresque life story on camera.

East of the Tar Pits by Gary Legault - International Premiere
Superstar Holly Woodlawn returns to the silver screen as Mattie, a New York
housewife who's come to California on a pilgrimage to Barbra Streisand's
former Malibu ranch.
Introduced by Michael Musto

FRIDAY, April 4, 2008

The Only Possible City - pt. 1 of 3
A screening organized by Mike Crane, Ryan Garrett and Edward Kihn, featuring
work by Shelly Silver, Matthew Buckingham, John Menick, and Gerard Byrne

NYUFF IS ENOUGH - pt. 1 of 3
Part 1 of our retrospective featuring work from the festival's earliest

The End of the Light Age by James June Schneider
In an eerily retro, blindingly bright future a woman named Veronique and an
unnamed inventor (the art house legend Lout Castel) experiment with
integrating darkness into light.

Nasty as U Wanna Be
It's Friday night, let's get nasty! Join us to celebrate the
internet-surfing club's DVD release.

Revolution 9
Nine times round the Underground... if you thought eight was crazy, then be
prepared to spin. Whirly people of the Roberta Beck Mercurial Cinema, led by
programmer Bradley Eros, present old, new, and live work for your dark

I-Be Area
Director Ryan Trecartin's second feature is a frightening and jubilant
vision of aspirational consumerism and self-branding run amok.

Super High Me by Michael Blieden - NY Premiere
Former "Stoner of the Year" Doug Benson is inspired by Super Size Me to get
baked for 30 days straight.

SATURDAY, April 5, 2008

The End of the Light Age (repeat screening)

The Only Possible City, - p. 2 of 3
Prison Images by Harun Farocki

The People's Advocate: The Life & Times of Charles R. Garry by Hrag
A documentary about one of the most influenctial criminal defense attorneys,
famous for his defense of political icons Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.

Two Black Towers
Organized by Jennet Thomas, this program pairs John Smith's classic video
with Thomas's re-envisioning.

Orchard Gallery Presents
Two from Orchard Gallery - Toute la M�moire du Monde by Alain Resnais, and
Dan Graham's Rock My Religion.

Foggy Mountains Breakdown More Than Non-Foggy Mountains by Jessie Stead,
paired with a short by Leslie Thornton.

NYUFF is Enough - pt. 2 of 3
Part 2 of our retrospective featuring work from 1999-2003

Market Sentiments - a shorts program featuring work by Bryan Leister, Jesper
Nordahl, Barbara Musil, Peggy Ahwesh, Aaron Valdez, Angie Waller, Abbey
Williams, Joe Nanashe, and Hito Steyerl.

We Are Wizards by Josh Koury - East Coast Premiere
Tracks the influential figures leading the creative subculture surrounding
the Harry Potter book series.

Adventure, Poseidon The by Anne McGuire
In 1972 The Poseidon Adventure paved the way for a decade of destruction
epics by grossing more than any other film that year. Filmmaker Anne McGuire
deconstructs this disaster, but don't worry, all the familiar faces, boobs,
and receding hairlines are still around...

Tube Time!
Battle with the egos of the Internet and cheer for your favorite web-video
connoisseur. Warning: this competition is not for the faint of heart,
seriously, shit is like American Gladiators. Definitely NSFW.

SUNDAY, April 6, 2008

1:45pm - Where's the Love (repeat screening of shorts program)

The Only Possible City - pt. 3 of 3
Works by Manual De Landa, Redmond Entwistle and Tran Van Thuy

We will live to see these things, or, five pictures of what may come to pass
by Julia Meltzer and David Thorne, preceded by a short by Michael Robinson

The Phantom Menace - a shorts program featuring work by James Fotopoulos,
Mark Ther, Gerbrand Burger, Tijmen Hauer, Luther Price, Takeshi Murata,
Kirsten Stoltmann

If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now - a shorts program featuring work by
Ben Rivers, Deborah Stratman, Jem Cohen, John Smith, Michael Almereyda,
Jenny Stark, and Vibeke Bryld

The Golden Age of Fish by Kevin Jerome Everson - NY Premiere
An experimental feature film that interweaves various fragmentary narratives
concerning Cleveland, Ohio's landscape from its prehistoric past to late
twentieth century visual representation.

NYUFF is Enough - pt. 3 of 3
Part 3 of our retrospective featuring work from 2004-2007

Tropical Grime - a shorts program featuring work by Lyn Elliot, Lev Kalman &
Whitney Horn, Keith Wilson, Michael Lucid, Kelly Oliver & Keary Rosen, Tommy
Button, Jennifer MacMillan, and David Jones, Tim Jackson and Michelle

Programs will be repeated on Monday and Tuesday evenings (4/7-4/8). Check
out the schedule to see what you missed!
That's about it... see you at the festival! Let's make some memories ;)

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.