Re: sf s8 processing

From: miriam jayne martins sampaio (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 01 2008 - 15:24:30 PDT

A friend of mine from Portugal has send me this email. Thought someone from frameworks might be able to help.


I've already written to the forum before, and fortunatelly met very nice people thanks to it

I would like to ask the forum participants if anyone knows of a contact printer for 16mm and super16mm for sale or trade,

It would be great if the printer would allow color correction and even better if it was wet-gate,

But a Debrie Matypo typ or Bell & Howell would be great

We run a small independent film lab in Porto, Portugal, so we don't have a easy acess to this type of machines,

Thank you,

Best Regards,

Ricardo Leite

Laboratório Cinema e Fotografia
Rua do Almada nº446 - 4050-034 Porto
Telefone: 222012922
Endereço electrónico: email suppressed
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