Re: handmade film with canola oil

From: Gregory Kurcewicz (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 24 2008 - 04:47:31 PST

I'm no physicist - but I find it hard to imagine the canola oil ever
best thing to do - par boil some parsnips - cooker on high then add
canola oil and maple syrup
cook for 20 mins - fantastic!

On a more serious note:
you could try drying the oil covered film in the oven on low for a while
but we need the words of mr Conrad on this I think.

best wishes
Greg Kurcewicz
(currently exploring the wonders of loreal "Jet set" nail varnish on
16mm zonal clear leader)
Expensive cosmetics on film is the way forward!

Benjamin Kochman wrote:
> I'm in an Experimental Film Class at the University of Arizona (Nicole
> Koschmann's class, if anyone knows her) and we're making a handmade film. We've
> decide to use canola oil to try to create a "floating effect" with the images.
> We're taking clear leader and drawing on them with fancy felt tip pens from an
> art store. Then, we put on a layer of canola oil, with the intention of putting
> another layer of animation to "float" on top of that. The canola oil, however,
> doesn't seem to want to "dry", and anything we put on top of the oil just kind
> of bleeds around. To compound our problems, the canola oil is making the first
> layer of animation bleed around too, leaving us with nothing but gradually
> fading smears on our clear leader.
> Is this what canola oil is supposed to do to the film? Would using a different
> type of oil or pen or paint work better? What's the proper way to apply the
> oil, just dabbing it or taking the whole film and dropping it in a bucket of
> oil? Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks,
> Ben
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