Re: FRAMEWORKS Digest - 23 Feb 2008 - Special issue (#2008-90)

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Date: Sat Feb 23 2008 - 17:23:43 PST

Sounding Out 4: Background to the ConferenceFrom its inception in 2002, the Sounding Out symposium has sought to raise the profile of research into sound and bring together from around the world a range of sound theorists and practitioners working on different aspects of sound - film, radio, video, sonic arts and electro-acoustic music. At Staffordshire University in 2002, the University of Nottingham in 2004 and the University of Sunderland in 2006, this conference has provided a forum for debate on issues such as: the new technologies of sound; the impacts and effects of media convergence; the role and effects of the voice in the media; the phenomenology of sound; the work, role and status of sound designers in the commercial film industry; the practices and techniques of radio drama; the vocabularies and methodologies scholars use to identify, describe, conceptualise and make sense of sound; the uses of silence; the aesthetics and affect of film music; the use of voice-over narration in fiction films and documentaries; issues regarding audience research, methodologies and interpretation. Alongside such debate, the symposium has showcased new and innovative sound work from around the world, both live and recorded. Over the past six years Sounding Out has sought to promote new and emerging scholarship on sound practices, technologies, aesthetics, perception, affect, writing and performance with presentations delivered by scholars new to the field of academic research as well as some of the biggest international names in communication studies, radio theory and film scholarship. Sounding Out 4 (4-6th September 2008) seeks to maintain the momentum of the previous events, bringing existing and new members of the network together to explore further directions in sound practice and theory, the interconnections across media and disciplines, to showcase new works and provide a platform for new scholarship from around the world. This event is particularly interested in the twin themes of sound and memory, sound and history but these are by no means exclusive and the debate is expected to be as wide-ranging and forward-looking as on previous occasions. The conference will repeat the format adopted in 2006, with a selection of keynote speakers drawn from a variety of media (theory and practice), with presentations of audio and audio-visual work, plus 14 panels of papers by delegates (a total of 40 papers).Keynote presentations will be presented by:Ira Baskar - Associate Professor of Cinema Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India.Neil Brand - Playwright, radio dramatist, author, silent film accompanist & film music composer.Richard Dyer - Professor of Film, King’s College London. His books include Stars (1979), Only Entertainment (1992), White (1997) and Pastiche (2007).Sean Street - Professor of Radio, Bournemouth University, radio poet & producer, author of A Concise History of British Radio (2002).Hildegard Westerkamp – Composer, radio artist, sound ecologist, writer & performer.Martin Shingler. 16/10/07

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